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How does children play equipment choose?

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How does children play equipment choose?

As a businessman can understand\"\" Women and children's money is good. \" That is because women's consumption has a lot of feelings. It will be more simple to pay for it. And the children's consumption is more simple. As long as you can make your own happiness, you will buy it. Therefore, the industry that wants women and children pay consumption - the children's play industry believes in the first place.

This article contains the following

1 About equipment price

2 About product footprint

3 Whether the product is able to move

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Children's play equipment itself is to provide children to play, and more and more people began to choose their business. But the play equipment is thousands, different equipment makes investors feel dazzling, I don't know how to choose. Choosing children's play equipment is not more about investment costs, covering an area, and can move several aspects. As long as you subdivide, you can choose a good device.

First, about equipment price

Children's play equipment price can be divided into several steps: small amusement equipment1 to 20,000; medium-sized equipment approximately 30,000 to 50,000; large play equipment is at least 1010,000. Therefore, the Children's Paradise needs to choose from different models according to their own investment cost budget. However, Xiaobian also needs to remind investors, the price is not the most important choice for inspection factors.

Second, about the size of the product

The floor area of ​​the play equipment can be small, small inWithin 5 meters; medium-sized equipment is within 8 meters; large children's play equipment is 10Rice or more. If you choose outdoor children's play equipment, you can use the size of the site and then let the investment manufacturer's place planning, which can know how much equipment can be put down.

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Third, whether the product is movable

Many people operated by children are not fixed, such as the equipment in the square is movable. Such a play equipment is very simple, and the common mobile devices have an inflatable naughty castle, or the track small train, single and swings, etc., each device is very popular.

The above is a few factors that can consider the choice of children's play equipment. Many investors don't know how to choose. In fact, the simplest way is to find a good franchise manufacturer to make a proposal. I believe that if you find TRM Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., it will help you invested a playground.

I have seen the introduction of Xiaobian, I know how to choose children's play equipment.

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