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How is the child's outdoor expansion?

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How is the child's outdoor expansion?

Children's Outdoor Expansion Energy Paradise Projects are in the development of consumers, and as a professional play equipment supplier is actively developing and innovating, and the development space of children's outdoor expansion can be very large, but currently outdoor There are still a lot of problems that expand the play project. For example, the parent-child children's play project is not rich, the extent of the site is not higher, let Xiaobian introduces you in detail!

This article contains the following

1. Traditional parent-child play projects have limitations

2. The traditional outdoor replay is low

3. Chart Innovation Outdoor Expanding Children's Paradise Advantages

First, the traditional parent-child play project has limitations

Due to the traditional expansion park, it is relatively small to meet the children and the people who play together, the playfulness of the event site is not enough. Outdoor playground facilities often cause the equipment to be more than the child's play, and the equipment facilities are biased to the child's play. It is relatively small to withstand the parents' core. I have to play, I can't strengthen my parent-child feelings.

Physical Export Training Equipment Main Figure 15

Second, the traditional outdoor playground refinement is low

There are few special activities in the outdoor playground, and the activities of the activities of the event are also simple hard paving grounds, and the safety is lacking. Therefore, we recommend enhanced safety ground layout in the necessary playground projects, such as plastic runways. Amusement facilities should also meet the use of children in different ages. At the same time, outdoor personalized monomer play equipment, such as leisure seats, the establishment of the pavilion, can be convenient for children and adults to rest when they are tired, reduce sitting in stone steps Or roadside.

Third, music map innovation outdoor expand children's paradise advantage

Music-playing designers are constantly creating better products, we aim to bring you a tailor-made paradise plan program. As long as you have enough space, you can make a plastic runway in your site, the customized equipment customization, while you choose all the types of outdoor equipment.

Physical Extension Training Equipment Main Figure 19

At the same time, the materials used by the music map outdoor play equipment are all imported high-end raw materials, bringing you a different level of outdoor park with higher level technologies. We pay more attention to the use of the product and the ability to attract, in the overall paradise shape, strictly in accordance with the local characteristic theme to design and create, different topic types of equipment is greatly received by the market.

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