How is the indoor children's paradise equipment to put more attractive?

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How is the indoor children's paradise equipment to put more attractive?

Children's play equipment can attract the child in addition to the play of the child, and the location of the children's play equipment is equally important. The reasonable play equipment can bring higher browsing and actual popularity for the indoor children's paradise. . But the placement of the equipment is not simple to settle together, but a strong skill, it is necessary to combine the elements such as the child like and indoor design. Not much to say, the following music map children's paradise will come to simply talk about how the indoor children's paradise will be more attractive!

What tricks are included in this article

1 is placed according to the size of the equipment

2 combination of hot and cold project equipment

3 Amusement project classification area block

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First, according to the size of the equipment

Each size size of each child's paradise is different, so the location of the equipment in each paradele will not be the same, but the placement of the children's paradise equipment is actually a scale skill. For example, according to the size and equipment size of the Children's Paradise, a different location is placed in each different location. This kind of child can know what the equipment in this place can be played. Safety can also make the play experience more clearly in the layout of the Children's Paradise.

Second, the combination of thermal project equipment

A children's paradise not only only the game very much like, but there is also a non-hot game. Many paradise are more attractive to contribute to the hot equipment, but also ignore the cold door equipment. Popular amusement projects are important, but cold door equipment is also needed, no matter what equipment always has consumers' needs. The equipment can be interchangeable when placed, such as hot and cold equipment, new and old equipment match, etc. If there is no way to combine, then the replacement device is explained!

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Third, the ride class classification area

Children's paradise equipment has a lot of categories, such as sports competitive, puzzle education, orbit racing, etc., different features of the project are different, need to block the region, such as naughty castle and trampoline equipment can carry out two regions. Division, parent-child manual games can also be reasonably divided. Such a function project area of ​​such a subregion is convenient for players' choices.

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