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How is the production process of play equipment? Be admitted from several aspects

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How is the production process of play equipment? Be admitted from several aspects

Many people have seen the market prospects of outdoor children's related players, because people who have been engaged in the industry have gained a very good income, so many people also want to enter this industry, pay returns, but want to operate or continue Go down, then you should choose a reliable children's entertainment equipment manufacturer. Many people are making difficulties when they choose, and they feel that the gaps of major manufacturers are not very big. In fact, they can start from the following ways.

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Playground EquipmentHow is the production process? Be admitted from several aspects

The first is the qualification of the manufacturer, because any qualified manufacturer should have the corresponding production qualification certificate, the raw materials used in the equipment should comply with the national standards, which contain formaldehyde similar substances should be allowed to allow within the standard, if manufacturers There is a problem in business qualifications, then the quality of the equipment is unacceptable, even if the product is good, there will be potential risks, so when you choose manufacturers, you should let the manufacturer provide professional production qualifications and qualifications. Materials to verify production strength,

Second, the quality of the product is strict, because the child's safety and equipment are tightly related, and the quality of the product is good, and the long-term development of the child's paradise if the equipment is damaged. It will be restricted, so when choice, the manufacturer should provide the corresponding production test report.

Another point is that everyone is very easy to ignore, that is, the manufacturer has the research and development design capabilities. Now the update replacement of many children's play equipment is very fast. If R & D and design can't keep up with the era, then you can't meet the market. And the needs of children, so the ability to develop and design should be considered, entertaining and scientific children's entertainment equipment is the main direction of future development.

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Playground EquipmentHow is the production process? Be admitted from several aspects

Then it is after-sales service. Before the product purchase, the product should be properly understood, because whether it is the later operation or short-term installation, it will involve after-sales service, this manufacturer's good and bad evaluation standard, after-sales service It has a big proportion, and for investors, you should know which after-sales service is charged, which is free, whether to help the pre-planning design, etc., these should be considered.

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