How is the profit performance of the investment in the play facility?

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How is the profit performance of the investment in the play facility?

The comprehensive development of the country has created a health city. So many of the shopping malls, free play equipment near the community is forced to dismantle, so this consequence is to let the surrounding children lose fun playground. With the outdoor playgrounds, the indoor play small equipment has become a lot of investors. Among them, there is a problem with the profit situation of the investment in amusement facilities. Today, what facilities can be investive, how is the profit performance?

Children's bumper

Children's bumper cars can be said to have always been accompanied by most of the 90s and post-hour growth. As an annual sense of amusement equipment, there is a lot of people's favorite, but what should I operate now? actuallyChildren's bumperAs a separate operation project, it is very popular for the consumer ticket price to 20 yuan / person, because the stimulus experience brought by the child bumper car is relatively unique, this is also a relatively suction powder. equipment.

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Children's electric play project

In many squares, you can see the self-service type small electric playing equipment, which is played by consumers yourself, such equipment is still more valueful. Because from the perspective of investor boss, the biggest advantage of operating childhood playing projects is not to do too much maintenance, just need to look at the equipment, to play with those who are placed. This is also an outdoor and indoor comparative project.

Trampoline play

The trampoline with foreign nature is also more popular in China. A separate trampoline allows consumers to play, each charge is 10 yuan / time, time control within 5 minutes, so you can earn Amazable interest. Because a set of trampoline is cheap, a square meter trampoline price is only between 300-500 yuan, which is very advantageous for small investors.

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Beach fishing pool

Beach fishing pool is more comfortable to weather or more hot, because children can feel the summer feel, let the children enjoy the leisure time of fishing, and it is more preferred for parents. According to the price of the market, a set of beach fishing equipment only takes only a few hundred yuan, in the playground or square, the passenger traffic that can be received every day is relatively large, and the one-day profit is 1,000 yuan is complete.


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