How much does it cost for a wooden combination slide?

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How much does it cost for a wooden combination slide?

    Everyone knows that many of the furniture in life are more woody, and many of the decoration are made of wood, and the benefits of wooden items are well known. Wood products are generally made of natural materials, which have a very natural texture, and the appearance is also very beautiful after processing and transformation, because the wooden items are better to feel when touched, and will not be cooler than glass or stone. It is easy to process, such as painting or engraving. It is very convenient. The most important point is that the materials of wooden objects are safe and non-toxic. Not only can adults and children use it with confidence. Because the price of wood is more expensive. specificWooden combination slideHow much is it?

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How much does it usually cost for a common wooden combination slide?

    Because of the production of musicWooden combination slideIt is also the most environmentally friendly after being qualified by the national safety unit for quality certification. Therefore, in the process of sales, the price is above 1,000 yuan, and the specific type depends on the type of selection.

    1. For example, there is a wooden combination slide with simple shape and function. The color is single, it does not need too much processing, and the labor cost is low, so the price is correspondingly low.

    Second, some of the shapes are simple because of the unique shape, rich functions, colorful colors, and there are more engraving or other combinations of entertainment projects, the use of more prominent, then suchWooden combination slideThe price will need to be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, so the specific price depends on the customer's needs, because the wooden combination slide can also be customized, so when customized, it will be set according to the size of the customer's place, and can also be based on customer needs. Designing, the overall cost is higher, then the price of the finished product will be correspondingly higher, especially the landscape type wooden combination slide, which combines beauty and function. The value of such a wooden combination slide is not the general cost, and the starting point is 6 digits or more. .

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How much does it cost for a landscape type wooden combination slide?

    Because the wooden combination slides are varied and the shapes are different, the price is also uneven. The wooden combination slides are more for children, so the materials required are more elaborate. If you only consider the price and the performance of other aspects, then there are hidden dangers for children. After all, children need to be environmentally friendly and need health and safety.

    At present, all the wooden combination slides launched in the music market have been approved by the quality inspection and environmental protection units. When purchasing the wooden combination slides, it is necessary to see what type of equipment you need, and don’t buy the wrong ones. If some merchants are not profitable because of the greedy price, they will use the returning materials or the secondary materials instead of the original materials. Therefore, the price depends on the value brought by the goods to the customers, and priority should be given in the purchase process. Product quality, followed by price.

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