How much does it cost in investment in children's playground?

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How much does it cost in investment in children's playground?

What is the cost of investment in children's playground. Although this question is that every investor will issue a brand manufacturer's problem, but because of the lack of experience, it is just the price of the equipment, and the bottom is actually no bottom. So how much does it cost to invest in a children's playground? This is going to be a problem that every investor is more concerned. Now the music map analyzes you in detail!

This article contains the following

1. Playground investment site cost

2. Playground investment equipment cost

3. Playground investment employee fees

I. Playground investment site cost

As the core operation base of the amusement park determines the profit nature of the park, you can't hurt. Since the economic development of each region and the development of policies, the rent of each area is also very different. Here is the music map to be a reference parameter: the rent of the first two-tier city is approximately 90 to 130 yuan / square meter; the rental rent of the three-fourth-fourth-tier cities is about 60 yuan / square meter.

Ruddling landscape combination amusement main map (1)

Secondly, the renovation of the site will be decorated. The general outdoor children's playground decoration is relatively simple, and the decoration plan can be developed according to the style of the amusement park.

two,Playground investment equipment cost

For the initial playground industry, the price is based on the specific play equipment configuration. The design plan for the children's playground is based on the principle of local customer needs. Each design plan is a professional playground equipment designer's professional playground equipment designer. The main purpose is to reach a perfect design and can truly operate on the actual site. . Therefore, different design graphics are tailored for customers.

The price of children's playground equipment is also a variety of changes. All the price differences between all configuration equipment are very obvious. If a penny, high-quality products will inevitably represent high prices. Children's play equipment belongs to children's products. Of course, health is the first place in group, and looks on the brand to choose quality products.

Risew Landscape Combination Amusement Main Chart (3)

Third, playground investment employee fees

For outdoor amusement parks that are relatively large in the scenario area, you need a certain experience, but it is not used in a small outdoor naughty package. If you want to recruit employees, you must choose someone with the appropriate experience. Such employees can guide their children correctly, and general employee wages are around 4,000 yuan / month.

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