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How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground?

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How much does it cost to invest in a children's playground?

We can intuitively see that the development of children's industry is relatively rapid, parents and children's overall demand for children's paradise is getting bigger and bigger. But for investors, small children's playgrounds have become their public, because the investment cost is low, the management is low, and the loss of energy is low, and the high profit has achieved a lot of investors to create their own children's paradise. If you also want to know the cost of investing in the children's playground, then look at the specific cost factor analysis.

Venue rental

A small child playground has a very big relationship with local consumption levels and actual venues. The key factor in the choice of small children's playground is human traffic, so it is for the location of the entire playground, it is recommended to have a dense area in the event.

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Equipment cost

For example, the traditional naughty castle price equipment will be relatively cheap, and the price of electric equipment is high, so Xiaobian suggestion is to combine both the equipment, so that more equipment costs can also be given to the children's playground. Item of a novel play equipment.If it is a small children's playground, it is recommended to use the Children's Naughty Paradise, and you can add some novel product receipts and DIY districts. In addition, the requirements for the equipment are also recommended to add an adult or play, so that the parents will not feel that they are waiting for children.

Decoration cost

The site renovation of the children's playground mainly contains the lay flooring, wall decoration, light selection, and more. The style of renovation must take the theme of the entire paradise, it is best to wait until the CAD map of the playground will be renovated.In addition, it is necessary to note that the cost of decoration cannot be higher than the cost of the equipment. After all, the equipment is the operation of the children's playground, and the decoration is just as an auxiliary function. And in general, the cost of small playground decoration is at 300 to 500 yuan per square meter.

Non-standard custom + crawling + outdoor expansion

Propaganda fees

The propaganda of the children's playground is a simple propaganda, leaflet, gift bag, group activity, etc., which is mainly used as an auxiliary function. These forms are mainly used to use the gathering of the people around the group. In addition, Xiaobian believes that you can continue to do some promotional activities, use a play project to enhance the popularity of children's playgrounds.

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