How much does it cost to invest in children's playground? Take a 300-foot child playground as an example

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How much does it cost to invest in children's playground? Take a 300-foot child playground as an example

Children's Paradise has always been a more fragrant project in the entire market industry, plus the projects in the Children's Paradise, and there are absolute attractions in children. These years have opened in major shopping malls and in the park, so many investors have also have the idea of ​​investing in children's playgrounds. Therefore, today Xiaobian mainly follows a small-scale children's playground as a case, and analyze how much investment in 300 square meters of playgrounds?

A 300 square meters of children's paradise is mainly from venue rent, equipment purchase, employee wages, and other fees:

Venue rental

The child playground must be a venue. This is necessary to conduct a continuous market research in the previous period. The direction of the main research is the preferences of consumers, the traffic of the target population, the rental problem of the land, etc. Only for these things, it is more understandable for venue rentals.

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Equipment purchase

The carrier of the children's playground is those with value of amusement equipment, and the price of a ride device is calculated according to the area of ​​the occupied area or in accordance with the entire set. If you want the child's playground to develop properly, you need a full quality equipment, and the good and bad meeting of the equipment will determine the development of the park. In fact, if it is a device custom project price of the amusement park is only around 300-600 yuan / square meter. Therefore, according to approximately estimated prices, 300 square meters of equipment purchase costs are around 90,000 yuan.

Employee salary

The daily operations of the children's playground must have a staffing of staff, so the recruitment of employees is also needed to have a sense of emphasis, and the image of employees can represent the image of the children's playground. The establishment of young people between 20 and 30 years old is based on young people in the age of 20 and 30, or employees who have been able to touch with children.

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other fee

Other expenses mentioned herein is to say that the daily overhead of the children's playground, which can cover the cost of hydropower, daily maintenance of equipment, and cost of publicity costs. Moreover, in order to have a better development in the children's playground, in the later stage, a series of themes will be held, so the playground decoration projects at that time will definitely be less. If a 300 square meters of playground, it is about 10,000 yuan in daily overhead.


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