How much does it cost to spend a small child playground?

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How much does it cost to spend a small child playground?

The children's playground can be said to be a chailing industry, whether it is in the indoor or outdoor. Make a private letter diagram at all times, I want to open a small children's play studio, but I don't know how much it takes to spend. The Chamo Children's Paradise will be selected for everyone to introduce some of the probably budget for everyone.

How much does a child are spending? If it is charged according to the common price, it is generally tied to a single item, as well as according to a single project.

Children's Paradise Naughty Fort

There are many amusement devices covered in a naughty castle project, such as slides, marine balls, rotating Trojans, etc. You can make a combination of arbitrarily based on projects needed in the venue. Because the charging standard for naughty castle is in accordance with the squad, in order to make the demand for different needs, the purchase is divided into popularity, intermediate, advanced three levels. The popular naughty naughty naughty castle price is 600 yuan / square meter. If it is a 100-square-meter small children's park, only 60,000 yuan can carry a complete children's park.

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Zhi Yong

Zhi Yong's bigger relationship is more innovative than naughty packages, and there is a certain upgrade experience from the shape of different play. For example, Yangjiao ball, rocking horse, swing, etc., these projects are in accordance with the square charge, the price is around 900 yuan / square meter, a 100-square-meter Children's Paradise Zhi Yong Dagong Project is the fun of the city.

Manual DIY

How much does it cost to spend a small child playground? Such a manual DIY project is not only given to the child's greater creativity, but also gives the child to think about the space. Manual DIY is a special project accompanied by children's intelligence growth. This amusement project is mainly some puzzles, crafts production, and area requirements are not very large, and a few tens of square meters of venue can, hand-made DIY prices are 600-800 yuan / square meter.

Marine alley

This is a more than free, the world of play, with different colors, and children can enjoy the soft charm of the ocean. At the same time, in order to enhance interest, 3D images will also be added. This device is not high for the venue, but it is extremely high for the health quality requirements. It can be around 20-30 square meters, and the cost is also more affordable, about 10,000 yuan.

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How much does it cost to spend a small child playground? The price of these equipment described above is only a reference price. Investors choosing to play a longer, not only equipment prices, but also consider the quality and appearance of equipment. The primary principle of picking equipment is based on children's health and safety.


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