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How much is investment in a children's playground?

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How much is investment in a children's playground?

Today, urbanization is rapidly developed. The children's playground has become one of the important venues that children like to play. In fact, whether they are outdoor or indoor, among them, the players are more suitable for children around 3 to 10 years old, high safety factor Let the children feel happy with real childhood. Therefore, the profit from the opening of a children's play will definitely be unprecedented. Many people want to come into this vast wealth project, and there are many investors to have such questions. How much is a child play? money? Let's take a look along with the pace of music map!

This article contains the following

1.Venue rental

2.Equipment cost

3.Renovation costs

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First, venue rental

A children's playground is the venue rental and local consumption as well as the local real estate policy are closely related, children's playground is also very important to select a location. A choice of venue that may be affecting the entire stadium, the future earnings of important factors, such as selecting a population of more intensive commercial activity where larger flow of people, the focus is relatively high, advertising or branding have to do easier to attract children to spend the greater flow of people.

Second, the cost of equipment

Now the development of children's playground is more and more popular, so that there are different types of play equipment have their own value and price, for example, Naughty traditional and slides will be more cheaper price, while the electric equipment, in particular price with 3D sensing technology is more expensive. In fact, small advice to combine the two, saving the cost of investment the addition of a new pattern. If investors are interested in a children's playground for the city, it is recommended to Fort naughty mainly handmade diy add another regional product sales area best.

Third, the cost of renovation

In fact, a playground renovation is relatively complex, including laying the ground, ceiling, lamps, wall decorations and a variety of custom objects preparation, etc., these are the essential link. Meanwhile decor throughout the stadium also appropriate style, it is best to wait until the CAD design effect playground do figure it out after the entire renovation. Here also suggested that the cost of renovation is not higher than the cost of purchase of play equipment costs, because the device is the real core operating point, renovated just did a secondary sexual effects, in general, the cost of a renovation cost about children's playground in the 300-500 yuan per square meter.

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Of course, a children's entertainment city investment will generate additional costs, such that water, electricity and taxes as well as staff recruitment publicity costs, etc., about $ 20,000 a year. In addition, investors also need to be reminded that the different status of development of different economic regions, for input prices also have a greater gap needs to be investigated to do investment budget.

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