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How much is the children's play equipment? How many budgets can be investive?

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How much is the children's play equipment? How many budgets can be investive?

How much is the children's play equipment, how much budget does it take to do a good job? For such problems, many people have already become a larger question of people who have certain investment intentions for the amusement industry. How many budgets in the children's playground do not only look at the funds they can pay, but also need to see personal capacity and local investment. Consumption level. Next, Chau Investment Xiaobian will explain the cost budget for you to make a child play to join us.

This article contains the following:

1.Site budget area

2.Amusement equipment purchase fee

3.Venue theme decoration fee

Site budget area

The venue rent of the children's playground and local level consumption, the location of the site, the site budget area has a very large connection, first decisive factor is the overall rent industry of local cities, prefecture-level cities, county-level cities, townships The gap is more obvious; secondly, the budgetary franchise costs and venues are also related. In general, the franchise fees will be estimated in accordance with the size of the site; and finally, the position of the children's playground also has a price impact, such as the intensive business center of the people. Rent prices are higher.

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Amusement equipment purchase fee

Different amusement equipment have different prices, such as the price of children's play equipment indoor naughty funerals is relatively inexpensive at 600 yuan / square meter, but the price of electric equipment may reach thousands of yuan / set. The price and venue area of ​​children's play equipment is correct. That is to say, the more equipment, the more needed to be needed, the price of different forms of equipment, more prices, please consult the music map children's paradise.

Venue theme decoration fee

If you are in accordance with the renovation of the indoor children's paradise, it is generally included by the floor, chandeliers, wall decoration, etc., and the children's paradise site decoration suggestion is to fit the whole paradise, the best decoration method is according to Join the brand's theme to renovate. In addition, the cost of renovation is generally not to be higher than the cost of playing equipment. Generally decoration costs at 300-500 yuan / square meter, a 150 square meters of children's playground decoration costs probably about 50,000.

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The above is some basic fees for the addition of the children's playground to join investment. Since there is no real site data information, the specific cost amount cannot be estimated. However, the investment children's playground can not blindly, and the preparation of funds is very important.

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