How much is the outdoor play equipment?

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How much is the outdoor play equipment?

For investors, the differences between outdoor and indoor playgrounds are not fully understood. Below Xi'an is simply analyzed: The indoor playground is unable to play a real play experience because of the reason why the site is limited. The outdoor playground has sufficient advantages in space, and there is also a lot of gameplay. Common outdoor amusement equipment has children's slides, children trampolines, children's sea stolens, etc. So, theseOutdoor play equipmenthow much is it? Let's take a look at Xiaobian!

Children's slide price budget

Outdoor slide projects are very stimulating, challenging, and it is very great to attract children, and through these active games can directly stimulate your hobbies. Children's slides are divided into materials mainly with plastic slides, steel slides, and projection type slides. The front two can be used in indoor and indoors, but the projected type slide for children's safety, generally installed in the indoor playground. Plastic type slide prices are cheap, probably 300 yuan / square meter, while steel slides and projection type slide prices are 500-800 yuan / square meter.

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Children's climbing net price budget

Children's play equipment strengthen physical exercise on top of your child's interest, the climbing network is such a project that can enhance the child's exercise ability, and different degrees of strength, the body's forward climbing is also a big difference in the development of the body. The material of the climbing net is combined with climbing rope, and the price is based on different sizes.

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Children's Hair Pirate Price Budget

As a new type of tourism, the pirate ship can be reciprocated around the horizontal direction, the size and manufacturing process of the pirate ship are customized in accordance with the strict children's play market. Also, if you want the pirate ship operation, you must operate with a motor, so the price process of the pirate ship is relatively high, so the price is around 800 yuan / square meter, while the manufacturer provides the sale of the entire pirate ship because of the manufacturing level of different manufacturers.

After you understand the price of equipment in the outdoor playground, you can find the product custom production of our manufacturers. For operators, the purchase of equipment is equivalent to the construction of the playground. Looking for equipment manufacturers must strict manufacturers of services and process systems, which can help your playground construction. And as a comprehensive and integrated music map, you will be your choice!


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