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How much is the outdoor playground equipment?

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How much is the outdoor playground equipment?

In recent years, children's play equipment have been indispensable in the Children's Paradise, whether it is the construction of the outdoor amusement park or the construction site of the indoor amusement park, in order to reflect the operation characteristics of the amusement park, investors will inject some of them. Think of the consumer consumption interest in the idea, adding a play equipment that is different and very safe. However, as the children's paradise is constantly improving and commercial real estate for children's business development, some people will ask: How much is the outdoor playground equipment? If you are not expensive, this article briefly introduces you about the interval division of equipment prices.

In fact, it is necessary to communicate with your exterior playground equipment, you need to communicate with your reservation, first understand the size of your actual site, the equipment you need, and then designed, finalize the budget Device prices, the final installation is completely calculated all costs. However, there is a relatively wide variety of equipment price budgets, such as the following:

Physical Export Training Equipment Main Figure 11

How much is the outdoor playground equipment?? The price of the pirate rides is calculated according to the number of tables, with the specifications, materials and process quality of the pirate ship needed by the amusement park. Generally, a small pirate ship selling price is 30,000 / set, can carry 12 tourists, voltage 220 / 380V, high-quality FRP and international steel, can be moved at any time; if it is a large pirate ship that can carry 24 tourists, the power of 30 is more expensive, probably 100,000 / set.

The price of children's naughty castle is relatively affordable. In order to more in line with the design specifications in the amusement park, the use of square meters, the price of naughty castle is between 350 yuan to 800 yuan / square meter, mainly The reason for the price difference is because the playability, functionality, value of the play equipment.

Outdoor Amusement Director 1

Outdoor self-controlled aircraft is a common equipment in the outdoor amusement park. It is also a unsuitable device. The most important installation of outdoor self-controlled aircraft is to see the actual size of the site, because the venue occupied by outdoor self-controlled aircraft is relatively wide, so it needs Site size specification. Generally, outdoor self-controlled aircraft prices are 52,000 / Taiwan, the more guest recognition, the more guests carrying, the price is more expensive.

How much is the outdoor playground equipment? Many outdoor playground equipment prices are priced in accordance with discussion, and there is no actual site inspection. Therefore, even if you can't see the price of the equipment directly, there is no relationship, and communicate.

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