How much is the popular large children's playground equipment?

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How much is the popular large children's playground equipment?

In recent years, many people have seen investment opportunities due to the gradual growth of children's play. Especially for the development of preferred second- and third tiers, the children's paradise is even like the spring bamboo shoots. In 2019, many investors want to join the children's playground, because the child playground investment is low cost, and the efficiency is high. So how much is it now popular with popular large-scale children's playgrounds in children?

This article contains the following

1 Children's playground why not report equipment prices

2 Fees for children's play equipment

3 What should I do if the investment cost exceeds a budget?

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First, why not report the price of the children's playground

Perhaps the same experience is for many investors that have first contact the children's playground. It is to consult a factory about the prices of the play equipment, but customer service is always responded in this way: our play equipment is customized according to the site Therefore, the price is uncertain. At this time, investors will doubt the freighter of the manufacturer. In fact, the price of the equipment is not the manufacturer wants to give a specific price is a clear price, because the manufacturer does not know how much equipment you need. Amusement equipment is a custom product that requires a quantitative system according to the actual situation of the site. Under normal circumstances, the music map will be probably valued according to our other identical cases, and it cannot be used as a specific transaction price.

Second, the cost of the child play equipment

For economic conditions in different development regions, the equipment of the same type of children's paradise is affected by material, workmanship, and the high and low price. For example, the naughty castle can be divided into three different grades of choice space. The prices of popularization belong to about 500 yuan; the price of the middle naughty castle is about 700 yuan, and the high end is 1000 yuan. When the manufacturers and investors have identified the design renderings, the manufacturers will quote according to the strongly included rides. In the two parties, the contract confirmation is finalized, and all the equipment can also bring more detailed quotes to customers.

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Third, what should I do if the investment cost exceeds the budget?

Because children's play equipment needs to know the effects of the effect, they can know the exact price, so there are customers worry, if it is the final equipment offer, what should I do? In fact, everyone can don't worry. Children's play equipment skills are custom products, so how much is spending, if you are worried about your budget, you may wish to discuss and discuss with her budget requirements before design.

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