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How much is the water play investment?

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How much is the water play investment?

How much water park investment

Every summer, water parks and theme parks have become many people's travel choices, which also makes investors accelerated the pace of investment in water projects. However, the fierce market competition and serious homogeneration after the construction station test the living capacity of water sports. How to survive in many water sports and guarantee market status, how to create innovative projects such as theme, high return, marketing. Has become a problem with the investors and operators of water recreation projects. How much investment do this kind of investment?

This article contains the following:

1, the status quo situation is very hot

2, there is the soft underbelly of operating a question

3, future competition

4, security

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A status quo situation very hot

In traveling with kids continue to be popular in the market environment, take their children to a water park resort has become a popular choice for many parents. In general, the market most of the water park's operating margin of not less than 40%. After seeing a high return on investment in the water park, more and more started to invest in water theme park rides. Every summer, water tourism projects have become the hottest star product in almost every population of over one million are in urban planning, start-up or operation.

Second, there is the soft underbelly of the business there is a problem

Domestic water park construction investment as the number of which is increasing, more and more dense layout of the country. In these projects, a considerable part due to circumstances put too much, or face fierce competition and tourists diversion, return of funds out of reach. Most theme parks in the planning of products, pay more attention to equipment, lack of consideration of aspects of the tourist type, age, occupation, etc., but the equipment alone can not fully meet the needs of tourists to visit, it is difficult to extend the time visitors stay in the park.

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Third, the future of competition

Due to the rapid development of water recreation projects across the country, large and small water park after another, coupled with people's tourism product requirements and increasingly high expectations, cultural and creative are increasingly important, piling up on water park equipment has been unable to meet visitors experience more demand, China has entered a water park industry is extremely competitive market, survival of the fittest during acceleration. Generally divided into holiday package type, entertainment complex, commercial facilities type, unit four types, the type of positioning to pinpoint the water park, the packaging must be done in a cultural theme water park construction. Of the water park should be a long-term investment, the development of professional operation plan, the investment risk is less water recreation projects.


In addition to themed events, making the marketing section, update the project, the safety is also a key water rides guarantee number of visitors. Safety is the most important part of security control, design and construction stages need to make the overall product planning, construction and construction management, operations management, reduce operating costs and reform security risks.

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