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How much is the wholesale price of outdoor small children's playground equipment?

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How much is the wholesale price of outdoor small children's playground equipment?

The development of the second child has entered a saturated state in the child industry, and the rapid development of the child market has attracted a lot of investors. Because the investment threshold of the small and medium-sized playground is relatively low, the operation operation is convenient and therefore welcomes the investor. It is well known that the operating core of the outdoor children's playground is a play product, and the price of play equipment is related to the amount of investment. Many investors have thought that they will take their goods directly, so it is more cost-effective. However, do you know how much is the manufacturer wholesale price of outdoor small children's playground? The following music map will introduce you.

This article contains the following

1. Amusement equipment wholesale price

2. Where is the play equipment?

3. The advantages of playing equipment wholesale

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First, play equipment wholesale price

Amusement equipment wholesale price is much cheaper than the market, such as now popular children's combination slides in the market price is about 1000 yuan / square meter, and can only get inherent shapes. If you choose wholesale, you can also enjoy the price advantage of 600 yuan / square meter, you can also ask manufacturers to customize services, size, color shapes, etc. are your power.

Second, where is the play equipment to wholesale

If you want to make a lot of money, Xiaobian recommends looking for a reliable manufacturer, goes as much as possible from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, because there is no more than 10 professional children's play equipment manufacturers. For example, you can choose the music map children's play equipment manufacturer, with its own 20 million square meters of production workshops, you can conduct field inspections, and the company also outputs the product design for investors, relatively It is very cost-effective.

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Third, the advantages of playing equipment wholesale

Amusement equipment is very obvious, first purchasing inexpensive at least half in other places, and believes that price factors will bring great help to newcomer entrepreneurship investors. Investors can take better renovations and operational management. Second, find a relatively reliable manufacturer for equipment wholesale and free transportation and installation services, such as the music map children's playground has such quality treatment.

Of course, the above is just the benefits of music map children's play equipment manufacturers, which may be more attractive than other manufacturers. Nowadays, many players have custom services, but will also increase additional funds, such as music maps.

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