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How to choose hundreds of outdoor children's playground equipment?

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How to choose hundreds of outdoor children's playground equipment?

In recent years, with the gradual popularity of children's play, many investors have a lot of intentions to build a roller place, but many people don't know the types of outdoor play equipment, and I don't know which types are suitable for different types. amusement park. Therefore, it also affects the theme building of a paradise. If you want to understand those who have creativity and market competitiveness, children's play equipment need to be a detailed understanding of these devices.

Outdoor children's play equipment can be divided into an informal equipment and electric equipment from different types. Children's play equipment, generally common inactive equipment has slides, outdoor knocking instruments, microphones, seesaw expansions, etc.

Outdoor children's combination of slides are more components, roof, handrail, slide door, cross bridge, etc. All kindergarten slides are all connected to the fasteners. There is no sharp object in the surface, each component is selected from different models and color, and the children combine slide in the shape of a variety, color matching. The slide equipment can bring more safety, happy and lively feel atmosphere.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctor + slide + tree house series LT-HT012 (1)

Fighting instrument outdoorsIt is one of kindergarten music education activities, and is also a common equipment in the outdoor park and playground. The mobilizer can not only cultivate the child's musical rhythm, but it can cultivate the coordination of children's control ability ideas, but can organize a complete set of musical instruments, not a easy thing.

Outdoor expansion of amusement equipment, through scientific stereo combination, multi-functional projects such as play sports awareness fitness, integrating the overall equipment facilities of the new generation of children's activities, can fully play, children's vitality and imagination, children While playing, the body can be exercised, which is conducive to improving the psychological quality of children, fighting for winning, courage to expand, unite mutual assistance.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + tree house series LT-HT011 (3)

The above is Xiaobian's outdoor children's play equipment facilities, you can match your own venue, of course, you can consult a professionalChildren's play equipmentSupplier music maps, because Chau play is dedicated to the professional customization of indoor children's play equipment.

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