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How to choose the right kindergarten outdoor slide and how to maintain the outdoor slide?

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How to choose the right kindergarten outdoor slide and how to maintain the outdoor slide?

    Many kindergartens will set up some slides for the children to play outdoors. Then everyone knows how to choose the right kindergarten outdoor slide? Also, how to maintain the outdoor slides in kindergartens? Today, I will introduce you to the related content by Le Tu Xiaobian.

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What material is used for the outdoor slides in kindergarten?

Common ones are: 1. Engineering plastic + steel pipe structure, which is generally molecular plastic, as well as domestic plastics and imported plastics. The main pipe has size, #76, #89, #114, as well as material, steel pipe. And the galvanized tube points, this is related to the price, the better the materials used, the more expensive. The last point, there are styles, new styles, cartoons, and the price is relatively high; 2, there are very few kindergartens using inflatable slides, the material is oxford cloth with PVC film; 3, kindergarten outdoor slides and glass steel + Steel pipe (old style, basically eliminated, characteristic price is cheap, most rural kindergartens buy more); 4, wooden main body outdoor slide; 5, stainless steel as the main outdoor slide; 6, non-standard landscape outdoor slide, in recent years advocate kindergarten outdoor The development of the activity space, focusing on the eight functions of “walking, running, climbing, jumping, throwing, climbing, drilling, balancing”, so that the personalized play of outdoor and environment has achieved unprecedented development;

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How to choose the right kindergarten outdoor slide?

First, is the manufacturer of children's play equipment standardized?

1, in contact with the manufacturer, you can first need a business license, to the local business website business information, to see its business scope has a "production development", if not so sure sales company. )

2. The conclusion is that the production company, business license and whether there are company documents, especially in B2C, B2B mall stores or franchise stores, must check their qualifications in detail.

3. Information on Chinese amusement equipment. The combination slide network reminds you that when communication and related sales personnel, through conversation to understand the products they sell have a detailed understanding, you need to purchase the product type to do the work in advance, can not be consulted. If necessary, the manufacturer must perform an on-site inspection.

Second, the quality of children's play equipment products is qualified:

1. Quality can be distinguished from materials, processes and materials. It is safe and non-toxic. If there is any damage, consider the process of the child, then consider the process of raw materials and commodity prices, compare the details of the products, and conduct appropriate market research. The type of product on the market.

2, the kindergarten large-scale slide reminds that the manufacturer of the production goods standardizes the quality, safety and environmental protection certification.

Third, after-sales service is in place:

1. The large-scale slides are prepared by the national group and have a perfect after-sales service system. If the quality problem is reflected to the manufacturer in a timely manner within one year, the manufacturer shall provide repaired parts for wear or repair free of charge.

2. The problems and solutions of the after-sales part of the distributor or dealer are still looking for manufacturers, so the after-sales service cycle will be extended and become larger. Therefore, the entertainment equipment_Information Network reminds you that you must understand word of mouth before buying, instead of rushing. Order, if you search on the internet, find the manufacturer's reliability, stability, and manufacturer's equipment after the purchase to prevent unnecessary problems.

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How to maintain the outdoor slides in kindergarten?

Kindergarten large outdoor toys are generally installed in combination. Some manufacturers do not necessarily install them in every place when they are installed. For example, if the screws are not tight, or some places have fewer screws, they will not be seen at that time. However, as the large slides take a while, the screws installed will loosen, which will not only affect the life of the toy, but also cause damage to the child. Therefore, we must always tighten the screws of large toys. In principle, we should check them once every six months. If some large toy handrails and columns are not galvanized steel pipes, they will rust for a long time. At this time, we will give rust. Remove the rust and apply the same color paint.

If it is a wooden outdoor slide (wood is generally imported willow, Sapele, huanghuali, etc., these woods can be protected from rain, moisture, and decay in the open air), then we must not only check the tightness of the screws, but also Always paint wood (clear varnish).

In short, even the best toys we have to maintain it often, so that the toy will be used for a longer period of time, safer and safer.

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Maintenance and maintenance instructions:

1. Before the slide is deactivated, the staff should check the slides before opening. Any exposed passengers may not be exposed to sharp edges, sharp corners or burrs. There should be no cracks, deformation, fractures, etc., if repairs are found in time.

2. There will be dust accumulation on the surface of the slide regularly. It should be cleaned regularly with detergent to ensure the smooth surface of the slide.

3. When encountering bad weather such as hail, you should cover the slide with color strips in advance to ensure that the surface of the slide will not be injured by ice.

4. When the slide is stopped for a long time, apply the color strip cloth to cover the slide tightly, avoid sunlight, and delay the aging of the rubber surface of the slide.

5. Check the slide connection fasteners and find that the bolts are tightened when they are loose.

    6. Inspect the slide column fasteners and find that there is looseness to tighten and determine the reliability of the relaxation measures.

7. Check the foundation of the slide equipment and find that the foundation is loosened, displaced, and offset, and the foundation is strengthened in time.

8. Check the aging degree of the slide. If the chute is too aging, please check with the equipment manufacturer to see if it can continue to be used.

These are the related contents of how to choose the correct kindergarten outdoor slides and how to maintain the outdoor slides. For more information about outdoor slides, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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