How to correct stainless steel slide?

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How to correct stainless steel slide?

Many people now use a longer play equipment that use life, will be mainly stainless steel, such as stainless steel slides are a very broad play equipment. First of all, let's take a look at what role can the stainless steel slide bring to the children? It is a comprehensive amusement platform for the body development characteristics needed to climb, grasp, slide, jump, etc. according to the child's growth.

Then we learned how to choose a stainless steel slide after the advantages of stainless steel slides?

This article contains the following

Design consideration

2. Safety consideration

3. Process detail

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First, design considerations

First, you need to survey the scene used by stainless steel slides, in progress design. In the process of design, it is necessary to follow into the design of the playing equipment and its own venue characteristics, whether it can meet the needs of children. Because the use of stainless steel slides is a child between 3-12 years old, the height of the slide is controlled between 5-15 meters and safety is the first. How to correct stainless steel slides correctly? Second, the security armrests on both sides must be strong. The height of the baffle must be appropriate to prevent playing when playing.

Second, safety considerations

No matter what rides, security issues should be the first to rush. Whether the stainless steel quality has passed national security testing standards, and environmental protection can meet the standard. This is the basis for the production of stainless steel slides. Some manufacturers use inferior material processing and production, resulting in the service life and effect of the product. How to correct stainless steel slides correctly? The second should look at the integral product existing a sharp angle, because the children are active, the bumps are inevitable, but as a manufacturer, we will strictly check the safety standards of each part.

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Third, the process details

Stainless steel slideWhen the technique is used, the argon welding technology and heat treatment technique are required to dryness and polishing treatment after welding, remove traces of burrs and welding of stainless steel slide surface angular corners. The basic standard of stainless steel slides is that the surface should be smooth without burr, and it is necessary to ensure that the player will not scratch.

Therefore, the choice of child stainless steel slide is an important and need to use the heart, and choose a professional manufacturer is also particularly important. How to correct stainless steel slides correctly? For example, music maps can serve the full support from design, production, so that the post-management of stainless steel slides has higher security technology.


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