How to determine the quality of the stainless steel slide? I have to know in advance.

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How to determine the quality of the stainless steel slide? I have to know in advance.

Now the material of the slide has gradually diverse, the material of the previous slide is mainly wood and plastic, but with the continuous advancement of technology, stainless steel slides, it has become a very common equipment in the children's paradise, because it is chic, and Highlight, so I have received many children, then what kind of aspects should I judge it?

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How to determineStainless steel slideGood quality? I have to know in advance.

One: Look at the design is reasonable

The important meaning of the slide is to give your child a happiness, you can make your child play in a happy play, and if the stainless steel slide, the design is unreasonable, then it will cause the child to be injured, so you should pay attention to it. Its standards, and the quality of the material of durability and material meet the national standards. In order to standardize the children's equipment market, we have developed a lot of norms and rules, so they should understand and serious learning, which can become one A qualified inspector.

2: There is no sharp part

When the child is playing, he will not pay attention to the danger of the side, and as a parent and investor should consider this. In the process of tidal assembly, the sharp part should be repaired and covered, such as stainless steel. Slide, welding weld and screws, etc. If the child encounters the skin, it will be able to scratch the child's skin, so that the child is hurt, so pay attention to the details of the details, and rigorous this phenomenon.

Three: The case of success is the guarantee of its quality

When choosing a slide manufacturer, it should be found in accordance with its successful case, so you can know the most accurate data, and you can listen to other operators' suggestions and advice to make the most correct choice. There are many unqualified, the material to the slide, so there are many safety accidents, so you should choose the manufacturer of reliability and high quality, and the promotion of the manufacturer can only hear half.

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How to determine the quality of the stainless steel slide? I have to know in advance.

The discrimination method of stainless steel slides is that every operator should master. He is an important guarantee for ensuring the successful post-management, and it is also an important premissible for huge investment income. If there is a safety hazard, then it is very likely to invest Will pay for the East.

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