How to do a good job of daily maintenance of the slide

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How to do a good job of daily maintenance of the slide

Kindergarten, park, community, playground, large business super, scenic area, villa ... slide almost everywhere. Slide is one of the children's favorite outdoor toys, so how do you do your daily maintenance and maintenance?

Amusement facilities are regulated by standards, at least every 15 days, maintaining maintenance, maintenance operators to deal with large-scale amusement facilities, monthly inspection, quarter inspection, annual inspection, and fill in related records.

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1. Before opening, the staff should check the slide, and the passengers may not be allowed to expose sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, etc.. There is no crack, deformation, break, etc., it should be repaired immediately when an abnormality is found.

2. Stack the dust of the slide appearance should be cleaned regularly with detergent to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the slide.

3. If you encounter hail, you should use the ribbon to cover the slide in advance to ensure that the slide surface is damaged by hail.

4, when the slide is deactivated, the application color bar is strictly wrapped, avoiding sunshine, delaying the aging of the slide gel.

5. Check the slide connection firmware, and find that the bolt is quick to fastening.

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6. Check the tipping firmware and find that there is loose should be fastened and determine the reliability of its relaxation measures.

7. Check the slide infrastructure, if found that the basic equipment has loose, shift, offset, etc., the reinforcement processing should be performed in time.

8. Check the degree of aging of the slide, found that the slot excessive aging should be invited to identify whether the equipment manufacturers will continue to use.

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