How to hardech the ground outdoor non-powered equipment amusement park?

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How to hardech the ground outdoor non-powered equipment amusement park?

The Welcome Amusement Equipment Children's Park is one of the popular venues, which is usually located in the park near the neighborhood. Instrumental Amusement Park as a project of play fitness, many people are unfamiliar with it. In the past few decades, there were not many people who know that there was no power equipment, but in recent years, the development of outdoor sports has gradually become an indispensable part of the outdoor site. More shopping malls, parks, and campus will have powerless equipment.

Most of the users of the Women's Amusement Park are children aged 3-8 years old. At this time, there will be parents, and their children have to slide down by climbing equipment, seesaw, and slide. What should I do? The bare cement on the ground must not let the child leave a scar. Chart as a professional manufacturer of intact equipment, which usually makes ground hardening for such buildings.

Place the playing equipment must be hardened by hardening, whether it is pre-buried or screwdrous, and requires watering concrete curing. In this way, it can better do the hardening of EPDM plastic hardening, lawn, floor pad, etc., which not only makes children play more security, but also facilitates the overall match of amusement equipment.

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How to hardech the ground outdoor non-powered equipment amusement park? What are the requirements?

1. The site surface of the Entourage Park needs to be watering through asphalt concrete or cement, requiring water to be stable. If the cement concrete is used, the base portion needs to be cut, and the waterproof layer can be made.

2. It is forbidden to lyophilize the base cracks or the frost unevenness of the site, and the situation where it will often be infiltrated.

3. The base of the play equipment needs to have a good flatness and a certain inclination, which is more convenient for hardening.

4. While watering the concrete, it is necessary to ensure that the entire ground is flat, so that the stable operation of the drainage system is ensured.

5. The surface layer of the pedestal should always be cleaned and dried. After formally handling the ground foundation, there is also a need for 21 cycles.

How to hardech the ground outdoor non-powered equipment amusement park? The above is the related issues related to the ground hardening of the amusement park for everyone. Why do many manufacturers agree to be hardened? In fact, the most important thing is to ensure that the user's safety, ground hardening can be used in different ways of plastics, lawns, trampolines, etc., please consult the music map.


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