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How to install out outdoor? Have a lot of attention

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How to install out outdoor? Have a lot of attention

Now in major shopping malls and community kindergartens, you can see a wide range of outdoor slides. Many people will place a few aquary topics in their own yards in their own yards, so that children can If you have fun, the slide is so popular, not only high playability, but also the other hand is that the process of his assembly is relatively simple, almost no need to guide the guidance of manufacturers, can be installed according to the instructions, below To introduce you to the outdoor slide to install some related knowledge.

Non-standard travel + clown slide + large combination slide (7)

Outdoor slidehow to install? Have a lot of attention

First, you should plan the position of the placement of the place, and to purchase the appropriate slide size according to the size of the location, and the structural type of the ground must communicate well with the slide manufacturer, if it is the soil pavement, then it is not possible The connection method of the expansion screw, if the size of the slide is large, the weight is heavier, then the expansion bolt, the pre-buried long and the diameter of the screws are needed.

After purchasing the topic of your favorite, each set of slides will have the corresponding installation drawings, and should be fixed according to the drawings, and the screws are fixed according to the corresponding number, and the depth of the pre-buried cave and the aperture should be ready, different locations The connection method also uses the corresponding approach.

When the expansive bolt is installed, the combination of the slide should be consistent with the diameter of the swelling acid, and the slide number of the slide and the corresponding drawings are required, and the seat is to be enclosed, in the process of the Lion, all components The installation should be made according to the number of the drawings. If there is no corresponding installation drawing in the procurement process, it should be communicated with the slide manufacturer in time, and it will be very convenient to install it when there is a serial number.

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How to install out outdoor? Have a lot of attention

In fact, although the slide is relatively large, it is more simple from the perspective of installation. In the process of installing, it should pay attention to the protection of weak positions, so as not to cause the slide damage, if you want your child or more So, you can also consider installing a combination slide in your housing, you can play at the right time every day, which is very advantageous for your child's growth.

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