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How to judge the quality of an outdoor stainless steel slide

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How to judge the quality of an outdoor stainless steel slide

Stainless steel slides are very common in kindergartens, children's paradise, etc., which is a kind of equipment for the long time in the slide, and a children who are very fond of children. So how do you judge the quality of an outdoor stainless steel slide?

This article contains:

1. Whether the design is reasonable

2, no sharp part

3, manufacturers' qualifications and success cases

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First, whether the design is reasonable

The purpose of buying stainless steel slides is to play for your child. If the design is unreasonable, the child is easily injured. So when you purchase, you must consider whether you meet the standards of your child climbing, whether the durability meets the standard, whether the material is high quality.

Second, there is no sharp part

When the child is playing, it will not pay attention to danger. As a parent and teacher, you should consider this problem. In the process of playing slides, any sharp part, such as screws, must hide, so as not to score the child's clothes, scratch the child's skin, so that the child is hurt, so it must be well covering. When the parents are observed, they can also focus on these small details, see if there is a combination of stainless steel slides, whether there is a screw and the like.

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Third, the qualification and success of manufacturers

In addition to the above judgment methods, it is also possible to judge from the qualifications and successful cases of the manufacturer. The more successful cases, the higher the reliability. If this factory has a safety accident during this period, then the product of this manufacturer is not used. The stainless steel slide is tailored for the child, and if there is a safety incident, there will be a safety accident. So choose a rider manufacturer of product quality.

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