How to maintain the outdoor children's play equipment?

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How to maintain the outdoor children's play equipment?

There are more and more in winter, which makes a lot of outdoor playground investors have made difficulties, and rain water is not small for amusement equipment. How to ensure the safe operation of amusement equipment by accurate maintenance? In fact, regardless of whether it is eroded by rain or sun exposure, there will be a certain hidden danger for play equipment. In order to make the equipment, enhance the outdoor use time of the equipment, music map play has brought some of the tips for maintenance, how is the outdoor children's play equipment for maintenance? Xiaonu will distinguish the maintenance method according to the play equipment of different materials, let's take a look!

This article contains the following

Wooden play equipment

2. Glass fiber amusement equipment

3. Electric play equipment

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First, wooden amusement equipment

Wooden play equipment also has different degrees of material distinction. If it is ordinary wood under several exposure and erosion, it will rot or be locusts, such products are advised to investors don't buy. The high-end wooden amusement equipment uses the source of pear and other ingredients. These wooden outdoor players are heat resistant and moist, and soapy water can be used, and they need to spray disinfection with disinfectant after drying.

Second, glass fiber amusement equipment

How to maintain the outdoor children's play equipment? Amusement equipment made from some plastic materials can also be used as a glass fiber, so soap, disinfectant, bleaching powder, etc. Be cautious in the process of cleaning and maintenance, because the equipment of the plastic material is weak in some architectures.

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Third, electric play equipment

A variety of motorized play equipment is already a must-play item in the amusement park, such as a fixed-style grizzle machine, or a large carousel. If such devices do not maintain on time, it is likely that the route is short-circuited, and the equipment rust causes the product to run normally, which is invisible to bring the visitor. How to maintain the outdoor children's play equipment? For electric play equipment, it is necessary to regularly check the route problem. First, it first needs to be powered off, and the direct water supply is prohibited, and the wipe is generally wiped, and then the power supply is retracted after drying.

Of course, when maintenance of outdoor play equipment, be sure to ensure that the connection part of the device is firm, the metal is connected, and the degree of damage to the circuit appliance. The maintenance of outdoor children's play equipment is a fine and cautious work, and it is not possible to use a single square to work with a single way.


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