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How to match the purchase of children's playground equipment?

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How to match the purchase of children's playground equipment?

Friends in investing in children's playground should know that the play equipment selected by the children's playground is extremely important. Know how to chooseChildren's play equipmentAnd with a rich and fun children's playground, it can greatly increase the attraction of the stations and improve the competitiveness of the market. So, how to match the purchase of children's playground equipment? What factors need to pay attention to?

This article contains the following:

1, business area

2, the static combination

3, age difference

4, market characteristics

5, customer needs

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First, business area

The area size of the children's playground directly affects the configuration of the rides, and the different children's play facilities are different! Some amusement facilities have a certain floor area, not suitable for small children's playgrounds. Small-area children's playgrounds are mainly small children's play facilities, and specific purchase portfolios need to be selected according to operating area.

Second, the static combination

Children's play equipment is generally divided into dynamic equipment and static equipment. Dynamic equipment cost is high, and traditional static equipment cost is low, and some customers are also attractive. Therefore, the equipment selection of the general children's playground is a combination of static. Both are configured according to a proportional configuration, and reasonable scientific layout can increase playability and enhance the customer experience.

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Third, age difference

Children in different ages have differences in growth, and the characteristics of personality are different, so choose children's play equipment to choose from the age characteristics of the main target customers. For example, target customers aged children's play parks can choose to shake the machine. This kind of video game facilities, the target customers can choose to raise such relatively challenging play equipment.

Fourth, market characteristics

There are differences in children's entertainment needs, family consumption power and consumption concept. According to the market characteristics of their own radiation, plan different children's playground projects, choose the right children's play equipment. For example, facing a small and medium-sized amusement park in children aged 0 ~ 8, you can choose a kind of children's play equipment such as naughty castle, beach treasure treasure. It is necessary to have a strong consumption, high-quality customers, to choose more exquisite More fashion; in the face of a class of customers such as medium and low-end customers, the consumption capacity is weak, the requirements are slightly lower, and the cost can be selected more appropriate.

V. Customer demand

The current playground market is getting more and more popular. More and more parents have children to children's playground, and they also have the needs of intelligence enlightenment. Some children's play facilities improve children's recognition ability of color and sports objects, which helps the brain's operational capabilities, improve memory and teamwork. Operators should choose the right children's play in accordance with customer needs.

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