How to prevent the children's playground to prevent fraud, these tips should be used up!

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How to prevent the children's playground to prevent fraud, these tips should be used up!

Now the form of joining entrepreneurs has become the mainstream development direction of the market, no matter what industry will join or represent the form of a proxy. That don't know if you have received this information in the current network information age: free to join, you can make money within a year without other funds! In fact, many brands are now playing a series of traps to defraud that there is no experience in entrepreneurial funds, such people are evil. Therefore, today's Xiaobian is called you a few tricks to prevent it!

This article contains the following

Free to join advertising, send portfolios

2. There is no requirement without any requirements.

3. Earn 10 times a month, exaggerating profits

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Trap 1, free to join advertising, send combination equipment

The children's play industry joins the necessary of the equipment for the purchase of equipment, and also requires high prices to purchase genuine products. Therefore, some investors are in this kind of psychology and want to get the products that do not want money. Such manufacturers are actually selling materials. The joining itself is a service, which contains multiple project links in the previous and later periods, each of which requires funds.

Trap 2, there is no requirement without any requirements

People who have a certain opening experience will think of it is definitely higher than the well-transportation. In addition, the children's playground is not casual, it can be opened. For the size requirements of the store, the high requirements of the store, the scale is not very difficult to do product design, and the height is not enough to pass the fire. Therefore, if you have any requirements, you must think many things if you have any requirements.

Trap three, earn 10 times a month, exaggerating profits

Some of the illegal companies to join and join us are also to see these greedy and hosted, want to save trouble. In the advertisement, you will be promoted and exaggerate the actual profit margin. In this form, it will be in the trap in this form. The zero risk, pure profit does not exist, and any industry is facing different risks. What's more is the current Internet information era.

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If you want to join the entrepreneurial investment project, you can choose some of the more popular companies to conduct field projects, and whether or not to manage services in the later period of the fees must be clearly asked in detail.

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