How to replace outdoor play equipment, how long to upgrade once

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How to replace outdoor play equipment, how long to upgrade once

When the outdoor play equipment uses a period of time, it will be updated because the material is damaged in an open-air injury. In order to keep up with the development trend of the market, it is also necessary to upgrade the old equipment. This is not small for investment operators. Whether it's a new play equipment or upgrade update, you need to understand market dynamics. How does the outdoor play equipment replace, how long is it to upgrade? How to buy the right play equipment in the absence of its own outflow funds?

This article contains the following

Market competition

2. Avoid net red effects

3. How to replace the device

First, market competition

In the same city, there will be competition between the playgrounds that can provide similar services, and every playground hopes that our players are more attractive, increase user viscosity. How to replace outdoor play equipment, how long is it once? Therefore, in the case of the use of the outdoor play equipment, it does not reach the demolition, and after the competitors have launched new outdoor play equipment, they will also buy more advanced and innovative play equipment. This is the point of view of the market development, and more than competitors more look at heavy products.

Second, avoid net red effects

Investment and results are complementary, some equipment quickly attract everyone's attention when they have just appeared in the market, but because the cost of investment is relatively large, the cycle time is very long, which is not cost-effective for investment operators. This is the current situation of market development: net red effect.

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How to replace outdoor play equipment, how long is it once? If you can't guarantee the cycle of players for user attraction, you should be cautious. When you need to replace new players, you can choose to add more small outdoor players, rather than put all the experiences on a large new device.

Third, how to replace equipment

As if you have a higher demand for rides overnight, you have changed a lot of leisure. Such market demand is not small to the business, and a large number of old equipment do not reach the date of \"retirement \". If the unilateral considering the user's demand, it is undoubtedly generated investment cost. It will be high. How to replace outdoor play equipment, how long is it once? If there are 85% of the equipment in business places, it is purchased from 5 years, and it can also be replaced in batches to reduce their cost expenditure.

In fact, replacement of outdoor play equipment is primarily dominated by two factors: one is the use of equipment itself, and the other is the development of the market. It turns out that the average operation of the service, the average of 3 -5 years will be replaced once. The higher the replacement ratio, the operation is good, and it is necessary to continuous metabolism.


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