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How waterpark site, what factors need to be considered

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How waterpark site, what factors need to be considered

Is the location of the water park project suitable for building a water park? How much planned water park is built? What form of water park is built? These problems are issues that should be considered when planning the pre-planning positioning of water park equipment. Then, the specific selection of the water park is considered from the following elements:

1, population base

2, meteorological conditions

3, consumption level

4, competition opponent

5, traffic conditions

6, center competition

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First, the population base

The population base represents the target mall, and it is also an important reference data for the future income calculation. In general, the target population of the water park is referring to the recipient of the 1.5-hour drive radius, and the population base has also determined the planning of the construction of water park. If the population base is insufficient, the construction of a super-large water park, which is very large.

Second, meteorological conditions

The weather is one of the important factors affecting the water park, so the meteorological conditions of the project site must be considered when planning the water park equipment. Including the number of calendar days above 30 ° C, summer rainy day, night temperature, etc.

Third, consumption level

The resident consumption level of the project site directly affects the pricing policies of future water and music, and also resolutions the quality and level of the water park.

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Fourth, competition opponent

The competition opponent contains direct competition opponents and indirect competition opponents. Direct competitions generally refer to 200 kilometers, other water parks, to make comprehensive understanding of its planning, quality, equipment, shopping mall marketing, etc. . The opponent of indirect competition, generally refers to the theme park, parent-child park, ocean park, etc., it is possible to generate a certain competition to future water parks.

V. Traffic conditions

Traffic conditions refers to the flexibility of future tourists to the water park, including bicycle roads, urban public transportation, subway, intercity transportation, etc., whether traffic is convenient to directly affect the number of entered the park in the water park.

Sixth, central competition

Investors must think about what kind of central competition for the water park equipment in the future, where is the advantage of the competition, especially the water park, especially with direct shopping mall competitions? Simply put, \"Central Competition Power \" is a unique advantage that people can fully recruit malls, including unique theme culture, location advantage, reasonable equipment selection, perfect supporting equipment, high quality service, etc. These are key elements in building a successful water park center.

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