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I don't know how to buy outdoor children's play equipment!

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I don't know how to buy outdoor children's play equipment!

The children's play industry is now the current Chaoyang industry, the development of the market is very broad, and the investment project in the industry is also very hot, but not all investments have a good return. Take a single playground, for a playground, it is very simple to profit shortly, but you want to do long-term trusts. Since the use of the equipment has a consumer satisfaction, if the device uses a long-term consumption, it feels troublesome. It is also very difficult to replace the cost of replacement equipment. At the same time, it is very difficult to find a price suitable manufacturer. So, how should we choose the outdoor children's play equipment to play its greatest value?

This article contains the following

Unique personality unique outdoor theme style

2. Multi-functional equipment is more popular

3. Safety material is the hard channel of the equipment

4. Clean and beautiful equipment appeases more attractive

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctor + slide + tree house series LT-HT012 (1)

First, unique personality outdoor theme style

At the beginning of the construction of the playground, we must let your playground have a bright positioning, mainly based on entertainment or a parent-child, and have its own plan. Personality is not mimic, but it is not a copy, but truly creates no one, breaking through the tradition to find a device that can combine the size of the site, integrating new elements to leave a better impression.

Second, multi-function equipment is more popular

Most of the new amusement equipment is based on traditional amusement devices. By reaching a combination of traditional equipment, it can also bring personalized innovative equipment. However, the best way to find a multi-project play method is to find a children's play equipment manufacturer that can be topic, and the outdoor playground standard project contains a combination slide, climbing rope net, micro-shaped children's play, strike music, etc. The more functions are higher.

Third, the safety material is the hard channel of the equipment

Regardless of the equipment, there is more innovative style, safety is always the first, only high quality amusement equipment can guarantee the safety of children and the vitality and power of the playground development. Cheap and cheap equipment is just the proud factors at the time, but the later, it is not only maintenance costs, but also loses the reputation value of the player.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + tree house series LT-HT011 (3)

Fourth, clean and beautiful device appearance more attractive

The cleansing is also the key to maintaining a good operation of the playground. No parents are willing to play their children in a dirty environment, even if they have high-end fun, it is not good, only safe and hygiene is the last word.

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