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In this way, we can upgrade the water ride.

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In this way, we can upgrade the water ride.

The development of the accounting technology and the change of the consumer group have changed the water park industry. In recent years, the domestic theme park includes the water park market very popular, the investment is getting bigger and bigger, the China Theme Park Industry has developed to an unprecedented height,Water Park Equipment FacilitiesHow to improve your equipment performance.

This article contains the following:

1. Strengthen technical training

2, improve the speed of after-sales response

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First, strengthen technical training

At present, the technical level of water amusement equipment is getting higher and higher, developing electronics, integration, and intelligent direction, and the difficulty of maintenance is getting higher and higher. Some water park equipment manufacturers often provide complete maintenance technical information to users, so users can only rely on the manufacturer when there is a failure of the water play equipment, and some can only delegate the manufacturer. Water Park equipment manufacturers should make commitments in technical support, service quality, parts price, etc., provide appropriate training, conduct detailed system technical principles guiding instructions on the maintenance personnel of the use department, common fault phenomena and corresponding processing methods .

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Second, improve the speed of after-sales response

For the maintenance response time and equipment of the water play equipment, for the water park, the manufacturer's after-sales security department is relatively weak, sometimes the need for after-sales service or emergency after-sales, this manufacturer must Further emphasis, guarantees that the channel is smooth, especially holidays, because the holiday is also the most busy, when the holiday is also the most busy water park, there will be some problems in the middle. If there is no timely repair in the device, if you stop one day two days, it is actually very impact on the entire tourist - especially the large water play equipment, many tourists will complain, today is the equipment, today, today Do not open a statement, so operators are very passive.

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