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Indoor Children's Paradise Planning Operation

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Indoor Children's Paradise Planning Operation

along withIndoor children's paradiseDevelopment, more and more investors began to start indoor children's parks. Among them, entrepreneurs without the paradise experience is not very important for some park management, especially the park, operation management, marketing activities, and paradise equipment, etc. are particularly important.

This article contains the following:

1, park hygiene

2, operation management

3, marketing activities

4, paradise equipment

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First, the park is hygienic

Nowadays are very delicate, so naughty castle is very important, and the health of the Naughty Fort Children's Paradise must be done every day, not only doing, but also thoroughly. It can be diluted with disinfectant to dilute, then wipe it with a rag, and it can be diluted with a watering can. After the disinfectant water is diluted, it can be sprayed, and the ultraviolet disinfection lamp can be used for sterilization. In the obvious position of the Children's Paradise, the disinfection record card is suspended, and the parents are rest assured.

Second, the operation management

1. Enhance the standardized management of children's parks, such as management specifications, such as service etiquette, proactive, enthusiasm, kind service quality, can give the park's live vitality;

2. Training staff and strengthen the training of responsibility. It is recommended to recruit teachers with pre-school education experience, which can guide children to play correctly, and can act in the park to increase the richness of park games.

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Third, marketing activities

1. In the beginning of the opening, customers will allow customers to enter the paradise and give a small gift with the paradise logo, increase the visibility of the brand in the region;

2. Increase sales of membership cards, increase membership preferential level, so that customers' loyalty;

3, may regularly organize some special activities, such as creative activities such as calligraphy contests, small speakers, and attract children to participate.

Fourth, paradise equipment

Indoor children's paradiseChoosing high quality naughty won children's play equipment is the key, choose professional formal manufacturers to buy.

1. High-quality children's play equipment is good, high quality, long-term maintenance paradise;

2, high-quality children's play equipment guarantee the normal operation of the store, and maintain the attraction of children. Investors don't have a lot of energy to maintain these equipment, save time and save money!

3. You can improve the novelty of the paradise through regular replacement of small devices, keep the child's paradise freshness.

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