Indoor children's slide type

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Indoor children's slide type

The slide is the standard in the indoor children's paradise, one of the favorite players of children. Slides can not only customize colors and sizes, but also freely choose different shapes and materials. According to the shape and difficulty of the slide, the slide of the indoor children's paradise can be summarized as the following types:

1, traditional slide

2, FRP spiral slide

3, open large slide

4, devil slide

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First, traditional slide

We collect ordinary plastic slides as traditional slides. Traditional slides use LLDPE imported engineering plastic blow molding, color, size, slope and slide lengths can be selected, and there are single slides, double slides, three slides, rotating slides. This slide is comfortable, smooth down, is relatively difficult, suitable for low-age children, and more secure, it is also the most widely used slide in the Children's Park.

Second, FRP spiral slide

FRP slides are mainly in the form of spiral slide. The indoor building is generally around 3 meters, and the spiral slide can be solved at the same time while improving the fun and challenging of the slide. FRP slides are more irritating and challenging compared to traditional slides, more suitable for big children to play, suitable for climbing, Rainbow nets and other projects.

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Third, open large slide

Compared with other types of slides, the main feature of open large slides is wider width, can accommodate multiple children to play together, and there is no armrests on both sides of the slide, so they can also test the balance and coordination of children. Also more irritating and challenging. If it has never played a slide, it is recommended that the parents will slip together, so relatively safe. In general, this slide is the standard of millions of marine balls, of course, can also be part of the indoor children's paradise with marine balls.

Fourth, the devil slide

The devil slide is only popular in the past two years. Compared with these slides, the slope of the devil slide is steeper, longer length, is the most irritating and challenging in all slide styles. At present, the devil slide has increasingly appearing in the indoor children's paradise, and there is a trend of replacing traditional slides.

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