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Indoor water park development direction

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Indoor water park development direction

With the rise of the commercial complex industry, the rise of children's economy, children's play has become hot spots in your eyes, especiallyIndoor children's water park, Very popular with many investors. With the intensification of the same city in the terminal market, the innovation and evaluation demand for children's water park projects gradually increase. Any project, the early evaluation and budget of investment is very important. It is the key to success or failure of the project. In the early stage of the water park investment, it is necessary to change the trend of the future children's water park, grasp the market development trend.

This article contains the following:

1, communityization

2, education

3, diversified

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First, communityization

In recent years, commercial integration is like a bamboo shoots in various cities. In order to meet the needs of community configuration, the mall complex is spread all over the community, and the future indoor children's paradise from the mainstream shopping malls. Almost there must be indoor children's water constant temperature park, and the water park is a priority project of the Children's Paradise, such as the white whale, the leisure hall, Jia Wen, the Kingdom of the Kingdom, the pistachio, and the community are also the trend of indoor children's water park.

Second, education

Continue the current epidemic elements, \"教 \" + \"\ \". If you want the child's water park, we must introduce parents to children's entertainment, and participate in children's entertainment, enhance parent's participation and enthusiasm, and truly achieve parent-child interaction, and increase the proportion of parent-child interaction And interactive parent-child courses, extend their time they stay in the park. It is said that it is good to experience a good effect. More and more parents hope that children will participate in some sports education and exploration projects. Through experience, train children to try new things and accept the quality of the challenge, and explore play During the process, education, increase your child's cognition, children's water park should be responsible for the responsibility of the no loan.

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Third, diversity

From the dynamic development of the indoor paradise community: With the increasing business complex, the indoor water park will inevitably in the well, leading to future indoor children's paradise will be developed by small and medium-sized to large-scale development, including tens of thousands of squares or even tens of thousands of flat. The area includes not only the children's entertainment area, but will also introduce cultural agents such as children retail, catering, early education, and achieve the development of the whole industry chain. According to the personalized demand of customers, you can customize this type of integrated indoor paradise, how to \"joint venture \"? How to \"crossover \"? Still continuous exploration and practice. Child Water Park will inevitably take responsibility during this process.

It can be foreseen by the above three development modes. The development trend of indoor children's water park in the future is: community, education, diversification, in short, whether it is market demand, or industry continues, will appear \"community, education The development trend of chemical, diversified \". That is not a person or a company can be done, need to collectively think about the industry colleagues and work together! Only the power of the industry, integrate the industry resources, in order to achieve a dream, can make our industry go further, do more!

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