Indoor water park planning design

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Indoor water park planning design

With the continuous deepening of the development of the water park project and the opening of the second birth policy, the water park market in the children's room has gradually increased, which is favored by the majority of investors. Due to the shorter operating cycle of the outdoor water park, more and more investors have favored investment indoor children's water park. The indoor children's water park is not affected by the seasonal weather due to its business hours, and the aquatic equipment is also the source of children's water parks. So what should I pay attention to before building indoor children's water parks?

1, location positioning selection

2, layout and equipment configuration

3, build decoration details plan

4, business development

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First, the location selection

The location of the indoor children's water park should choose the bustling area of ​​the commercial center, or near the number of residential areas where the number of residential areas can also be determined according to the situation of transportation, consumption level and investment scale.

Second, layout and equipment configuration

In the case of become more and more sympathetic, the design has a distinctive and unique theme, such as the aid of a navigator, the guiller's adventure theme, etc. .

The area layout of the indoor children's water park, which is generally provided with water slides, exploration water villages, circular rivers, massage pools, children's play pools and other areas. In addition, you cannot ignore the seating area, internet access area and shopping zone. Whether children and accompanying guardians need to rest, they need to set up a diet area in the seating area, sell snack snacks, etc. to promote secondary consumption.

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Third, build a decoration details plan

Wall, floor, partition surface, etc. should pay attention to environmental protection and security, it is recommended to use aesthetics and does not affect the environmental protection materials of the field.

The wire should be embedded underground, avoiding the out-of-the-drain line due to the pedaling of the outer dehydration, the metal part and the device fitting should be insulated after the packaging, various lamps, heating equipment should also be grounded, and the charged equipment should be as far as possible away from the drama. Indoor water rides such as districts, pools, to avoid electric shock risk.

The ventilation is done, because the indoor children's water park is a humid closure space, which is easy to breed bacteria, producing odor. Therefore, various thermostatic dehumidification systems, water circulation disinfection systems, medium pressure ultraviolet sterilizer are good choices.

Fourth, business development

The indoor children's water park should abandon a single business model, launch a unique project that integrates cultural characteristics, making the water park a comprehensive business of interest, potential development, entertaining, and physical exercise. With the perspective of development, improve the development concept in real time, grasp market demand, and formulate development plans.

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