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  • How much does it cost to invest in a small child outdoor expansion park?

    For all, children have not released their outdoor roof players, which is also based on this market demand, so that many entrepreneurs have seen investment opportunities. How much does it cost to invest in a small child outdoor expansion park? An expansion park investment includes cost of franchise, equipment, installation, and other costs, let's take a look at specific investment costs.

  • How to install large outdoor children's play equipment, you must first understand these

    About the installation of large outdoor children's play equipment, you must first understand these play markets have gone tremendous development because of the large demand for policy guidance and market, especially the investment in the outdoor children's play industry is more attractive, and many people are silently. Pay attention to the development of children's outdoor amusement parks. All matters have to be clear before it is not officially put into funds. For example, Li Mr. Li, who invests in July this year, did not know how to install the play equipment. How to install a large outdoor children's play equipment, you have to understand these!

  • Children's combination slide investors should first understand the ladder material

    Everyone knows that the role of children's slides is to provide people with a leisure slide, and the combination slide is more diverse than ordinary slides, not only to meet the children's preferences and nature, but also develop them. The social ability level, enhances physical exercise skills, promotes the growth of sensory systems, is a comprehensive children's paradise for children. Therefore, many investors have valued their development advantages. Today, music maps are for children's slide materials and everyone, and children's combined slide investors should first understand the slave production materials or classification.

  • How to make maintenance and maintenance of large outdoor children's play facilities

    There will always be an investment operator asking: Is there a good way to ensure the safety of outdoor play equipment? Because the outdoor environment is more complicated, it will lead to outdoor children's play facilities to face wind-blown rain, weather transformations, which is not a good thing for tourists, because it will affect their safety. How do large outdoor children's play facilities have good maintenance and maintenance?

  • What are the regional categories of Outdoor Children's Amusement Park?

    Outdoor Children's Amusement Park is a comprehensive children's play area, where you can provide children's entertaining, through a variety of fun and interesting players, make children feel happy. What are the regional classifications of the Outdoor Children's Amusement Park? But a children's amusement park has an amusement area, there is also an event area, a rest area, and a facility area. These different functional areas are divided into more helpful assistance. Therefore, the place where children's activities will be equipped with different areas. Let's take a look now!

  • What is the advantage of outdoor no motivation play equipment?

    Outdoor no powerful playing equipment refers to a play product that can be started with external power energy, whether it is outdoors or indoors, or it can not be restricted. So that there is no place in park, square, shopping mall, etc. Many investors like it. What is the advantage of the outdoor no powerful play equipment? What is the advantages of being imparted by the airborne equipment?

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