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  • How much is the investment price of outdoor children's play equipment? What factors affect?

    With the opening of the national three-child policy and the excitation of entrepreneurial policies, many entrepreneurs have seen the development prospects of the Children's Paradise, and they want to invest in the industry. Among them, it is more concerned about the purchase price of children's play equipment. Many amusement parks will use the most popular amusement equipment in the year, and through the IP theme, let the play equipment make more vivid. What is the price of the outdoor children's play equipment? What factors affect?

  • How is the outdoor wooden child combination slide, what is the advantage?

    Children's slide is one of the children like the play equipment, whether it is a big friend or a child's love to the slide, it is a unique moment. With the changes in outdoor slide design, children's slides can also formulate styles and functions according to their specific logic thinking. Outdoor wood children combine the shape of the slide, and it is also in line with various places, because its structural components are wooden materials, so they are called a wooden child slide. So, how is the outdoor wooden child combination slide, what is the advantage?

  • How to reduce entrepreneurial risks in investment outdoor children

    The ultimate goal of people's investment outdoor children's slides is to make money, and it is normal to pay attention to the profitable space of the project. Everyone knows that the competition between the outdoor children's play industry is very intense. If you master the investment information of the child slide, it is very likely that the operation process is affected. If the child slide manufacturer can promote its own equipment, production products are more innovative to adapt to the market development. Standing in an investor perspective, how to reduce entrepreneurial risk in investment outdoor children?

  • Professional outdoor non-power equipment manufacturers introduce equipment selection skills

    The current development speed of outdoor play equipment is very fast, and the functions of various equipment and the market are different. When investors are also difficult to choose high popular outdoor unstowered play equipment, only the surface phenomenon is determined whether a device meets the market, in fact, so that the product is not based on the market is not available. Here, professional outdoor unhappy amusement equipment manufacturers, music map play will introduce you to the following choices of play equipment.

  • How to communicate cooperation outdoor children's play equipment, what steps are there?

    How to communicate and cooperate outdoor children, what steps have more and more manufacturers of children's markets, but they are still more and more manufacturers in the outdoor children's play equipment, but there is still no convenience to buyers under the premise of many manufacturers. Conf contrary, investors have not mastered the needs of the industry, and choose a play equipment manufacturer has no idea, and I don't know how to communicate with the manufacturer. Therefore, how to communicate cooperate outdoor children's play equipment, what steps are there, come together!

  • Outdoor Children's Amusement Park which infrastructure is indispensable?

    Outdoor Children's Amusement Park which infrastructure is indispensable? Investing in an outdoor children's park is really good, one-time investment can stabilize revenue, but when investing in children's paradise, we need to do a good job in decoration projects of each infrastructure. Regardless of the renovation of the play equipment or the decoration of the infrastructure, we need to plan in advance. Then let's take a look at the infrastructure in the outdoor children's playground. What do you need to pay attention to?

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