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Inlet amusement equipment

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Inlet amusement equipment

In recent years, there has been a wide range of business projects such as the theme park, the homestay, the scenery, the scenery, the specialty towns, specialty villages.

This article contains the following

1, what is an inletless play equipment?

2, the advantage of the motorless equipment lies in

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First, what is an inletless play equipment?

In fact, the inletless device refers to any power device such as electric, hydroly or pneumatic, composed of components and structures, fasteners, and linked components such as climbing, sliding, drill tumble, ladder, swing. Amusement facilities. Briefly, there is no active experience of playing equipment qualities without any non-natural external force and energy.

The advantage of a non-powered amusement device is that it does not require a power device, relatively small. Common powerless equipment is:

Challenge properties: high-altitude slopes, climbing, track slopes, slurry and other amusement equipment

Experience in the event: large drill network, large crawl, trampoline, seesaw and other amusement equipment

Interactive activity: strong interest, high communication, sand water series, musical instrument series play equipment, etc.

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Second, the advantage of the inletless equipment is

The safety is high without the need for power facilities, nor does it require power, and the safety factor is relatively high. The cost is relatively low. Can be combined with small parks and homestays. Choose rich. The choice of non-powered rides, there are various forms to meet the needs of each level of children. Maintenance is relatively easy. Later maintenance costs are low, it is not easy to rust, long life, easy to decompose. Strong experience. For example, the trampoline park, not only combines various feelings, but also combines strange play elements, cooperation with IP, and welcomes children and guardians.

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