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Investment Outdoor Children's Playground should conscious these security

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Investment Outdoor Children's Playground should conscious these security

Outdoor Children's Playground is a place to provide children, so strengthening all the safety management of all play equipment is very necessary, including rental, contracting, etc., improve and implement the safety management system of outdoor playgrounds, equipped with Corresponding job administrators guarantees a safe operating environment. The main outdoor playground maintenance staff must be familiar with the relevant management regulations of the play equipment and the use of knowledge, regularly do a good job in organizational examination, and comprehensive responsibility for the safety usage of the play equipment.

This article mainly includes content:

Outdoor supporting equipment guidance logo setting

Establish a technical file for each set of rides

Develop a safety maintenance staff code

Outdoor supporting equipment guidance logo setting

Set a certain play guidance sign in the corresponding position of the outdoor playground, keep the safe entrance of the tour route, and make fun of playing in a timely play. Early place for every project is more conspicuous, Chinese security attention, the content should include the scope, characteristics, playing methods, etc. of this motion. In a more dangerous amusement equipment, it is also necessary to hang a warning sign that meets national standards.

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Establish a technical file for each set of rides

The maintenance work of outdoor playground equipment is relatively difficult, so the technical file for the establishment of an outdoor play equipment is very necessary. The contents of the technical file should include:

The quality certificate of outdoor equipment, maintenance instructions, manufacturers factory documents, etc .;

Security, maintenance and other related documents;

Allow use registration certificate;

Running and regular recording after maintenance;

The operator's maintenance of the equipment, as well as the training records and personnel assessment of personnel.

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Develop a safety maintenance staff code

Since there is a serious factor in the safety hazard of outdoor play equipment, plus the current maintenance mechanism strict requirements, the outdoor playground should formulate management, operation, maintenance staff code, and strict training operations for strict training operations for various play equipment projects. . For example, the safety management of large outdoor play equipment, the operator must hold a certificate.

In addition to the strict requirements of equipment in the Outdoor Children's Playground, security requirements are also a very significant factor. Safety is that there is a hidden in various play equipment. Only careful to maintain the normal use of the product to ensure the formal operation of the outdoor playground.

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