Investment outdoor playground has no experience? Chau teaches you to invest outdoor playgrounds

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Investment outdoor playground has no experience? Chau teaches you to invest outdoor playgrounds

Recently, with the surge in the domestic play market, there are many friends who need to open an outdoor playground. What is going on, how to attract children, don't know how to choose outdoor playgrounds and normal operations model. In the end, many novice investors don't know how to invest outdoor playgrounds. Based on the current development needs of the current large industry, Chau teaches you how to low-risk, low-cost investment outdoor playground.

This article contains the following

Outdoor playground selection

Outdoor playground equipment

Operating and charging standards

Selection of the first outdoor playground

Outdoor selection must select people's traffic than other places, and the living area is a better place, but also need to meet all aspects of transportation, environmental factors, only this will be more enough Parents and small children trust. It is best to choose the outdoor playground or park around the mall or park, because the traffic is very concentrated, such a place in the later operation, there is no shortage.

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Selection of second outdoor playground equipment

The outdoor playground is very strict, long-term durable, outdoor non-rust, invariant, and other advantages in the equipment quality requirements. Therefore, based on this requirement, Xiaobian recommends that you can choosePlayers in glass steelDo not easily select plastic materials, due to plastic materials, if you have long-term exposure to outdoor expansion, and it is easy to deform. Whether it is in a heavy rain or the weather is not affected.

The type of amusement equipment in the glass steel is relatively abundant, rotating equipment, lifting equipment, water type equipment, electronic equipment, track equipment, etc. Attracting tourists.

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Operation and charging standard for third outdoor playground

The charging standard of the outdoor playground can be customized according to the cost of the equipment and the premise of local level consumption, generally around 20 yuan / time, but it also needs to be based on the situation. Operation requirements of outdoor playground equipment are maintained daily, insisting on cleaning and finishing of equipment daily.

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