Investment portfolios need to consider the use of materials

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Investment portfolios need to consider the use of materials

The combination slide is compared to the ordinary slide, with a full-range advantage, not only can satisfy the child's nature preference, but also according to the different personality characteristics to strengthen the social ability of children, improve sports skills, In this way, the growth and development of the sensory system is promoted, and the combination slide is a comprehensive growth park of 2 to 12 years old. It is also because of this, in a large investment, Today, Music Tu play will introduce you to the combination of the use of the slide, the material problem needs to be considered during the process of investment.

Metal material

The metallic material commonly used is FRP or stainless steel. Its advantage is that it has a strong and durable overall ability, and the second surface can also perform smooth treatment to make a frosted anti-skid treatment, but the shape is not only easier to splicing. But relatively speaking, the hard angular corner is on the processing, because it is difficult to handle, which has a certain hidden danger for children's safety.

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Rubber material

The plasticity of the rubber material is very plastic, which can shape different kinds of facility components from the basic rubber material, rich in color, and can be treated with rounded corners, and flexible assembly according to the requirements of children's play equipment. However, because the rubber material is easily removed and faded after use, it is difficult to recover again.

Wood-based material

The biggest advantage of wood-based materials is that naturally nor drug, the price of raw materials is relatively affordable, and can design different types according to the requirements of children's play equipment. However, there is a disadvantage that because the use of wood material is much lower than the material of the metal.

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Plastic material

The price of plastic materials is very cheap, and the children will not have injuries when they play plastic, and they will not be injured when they have a combination of plastic. At the same time, due to the combination of plastic materials, different colors can be made, so many rich colors can be attracted to More children. However, the environmental properties of plastic materials are relatively poor.

Combination slideIt is the standard project in the children's playground. Stainless steel slides are very different, with roller slides, straight slides, spiral slides, plastic slides, etc., the attractions covered by different styles have a large gap. Now the wooden slide is one of the frequent frequencies in the park and kindergarten, because it can bring a good effect to the children.


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