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Is this the real reason for the failure of the Outdoor Children's Paradise?

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Is this the real reason for the failure of the Outdoor Children's Paradise?

For anyone who is doing business, I understand such a truth: I don't have a stable sale! Outdoor Children's Amusement Park is in China's fast-growing blessing period, relatively small, but it is relatively small, but it can't be said that it is complete. As an investor in an outdoor children's amusement park, once there is a case where it is not allowed, it is necessary to reflect on the overall environment. Why is there any case without people? Music Music as a professional outdoor children's paradise manufacturer, now what is the real reason for the failure of opening outdoor children's paradise!

This article contains the following

Site, lack of market research work

Amusement center cleaning hygiene

The equipment project is not invasive, blindly followed

Non-standard landscape amusement + Zhonghai Real Estate Amusement

First, site selection, lack of market research work

It is the first time to establish an outdoor children's paradise. Time will be a favorable place. The location of the Children's Paradise can not be willing to be willile with the water flow of the park. Site should be considering local actual consumption levels, people's traffic, and convenience of transportation. To do a good job in market research is to choose the prerequisites for adequate preparation, you can get the demand for the playground by visiting, voting and other different forms to create a core advantage.

Second, the playground cleaning the hymnison

Outdoor playgrounds must not only be affected by the outside air pollution to be affected by tourists, such as wind or heavy rain will bring some dust, the children stay in the process of stains and garbage. If the outdoor children's playground cannot guarantee the safety of health while bringing safety while bringing safety, it will cause the garden to increase the sanitation of the park. It will lead to the overall paradise reputation for the child's safety and health. decline. Therefore, the paradise must be hygienic every day.

Mediterranean project 3

Third, the equipment project is not invasive, blindly followed

Because many investors have no own considerable survey, I see which people on the market have more money to make the same project as the wind. There is an industrial aggregation effect in the market that the market's supply is greater than demand, which will lead to the spread of passenger flow, so that consumers are visual aesthetic feel fatigue. Invested Outdoor Children's Amusement Park must develop our new product, develop the topic innovation form of children's play equipment, so that you can stand out throughout the industry.

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