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Jungle Adventure Reliefaculture

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Jungle Adventure Reliefaculture

Parent-child travel outdoorOutdoor DevelopmentWhat is the worthy project selection? The jungle adventure has sufficient attraction to most people, and the children's population is also true. To a large extent, they are called a good choice for parent-child travel. The main reason is to choose a classic inactive rides based on the jungle adventure project. These roller facilities can not only play the entertainment theme features, but also produce a certain active exercise. Parents and children can participate together to form a good interaction.

These unimplement amusement facilities that are suitable for the jungle have brought multiple experiences with their own traits, providing our amateur life, and investigating what kind of amusement facilities that are suitable for jungle adventures.

This article contains the following:

1, entertainment functions

2, exercise expansion

3, security

Jungle Expansion + Physical Training + Outdoor Expansion Equipment (7)

I, entertainment function

Whether it is a parent-child play, or as aOutdoor team expansionFor the purpose of the jungle adventure project, the primary basic quality is the entertainment function, simply, that is, this facility is first interesting, you must make tourists to realize these facilities, playing is very interesting, this is a ride Basic quality.

Non-moving amusement facilities are very good in entertainment features. According to the jungle adventure project, there are many matching project facilities, such as the jungle house, jungle crossing, jungle slogging, etc. They are usually presented in basic materials such as rope nets. Combined with the natural feelings of the jungle, the facilities and the natural atmosphere of the facilities are perfectly integrated, and the entertainment and leisure atmosphere is just right.

Second, exercise expansion

Since the theme is the jungle adventure, this experience process is an exploration process, which is the meaning is very important. It has a positive impact on the team building. It has high quality development for the child's body and mind. The game is rich, you can play Earner.

In order to see, it is necessary to have a positive positive role in the jungle adventure project. This role can be summed up to exercise extension, through the superior sliding, aerial trails, etc. , Can also inspire the physical quality, endurance, and judgment of experience.

Jungle Expansion + Physical Training + Outdoor Expansion Equipment (4)

Third, security

Outdoor play projects have an important feature, which is to ensure safe guarantee, irritation, entertainment, exercise and extension, these are based on security, many play accidents look shocked, so rides Safety is inevitably important.

Safety control of rides requires a few links. First of all, the facilities source is safe, and the products that qualified by the regular manufacturers must be purchased. Second, in the setup link, it is guaranteed that its construction technology has a high level. For example, the gap of the rope network, the firmness of the links of the trees, the setup operation after the setup, and then daily maintenance.

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