Kids in summer to play outdoor stainless steel slides

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Kids in summer to play outdoor stainless steel slides

How beneficial movement as long as the children, help children grow, parents are willing to try, such as slides, can promote the development of the child's sense of touch, the child in the process of slides by touching an object, you can increase the child's perception, cognitive ability.

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Children slowly slipping off the slide by the passion to bring the speed, the children know and feel the speed initially from the slide. Play slide can exercise the child's coordination, enhance the child's balance. Good balance is to examine children's normal movement of basic requirements.

Family grandparents liked grandchildren, granddaughter to the area near the park, the park has a wealth of sports equipment, children see these sports equipment, are overjoyed, can not wait to play with my grandparents holding, after all, the children of new things curious and want to experience the \"fell from the sky \" stimulus, most parents think \"children me in his arms, holding hands tightly, not fall, it'll be fine \", and parents you can sit on a bench and talk about homemade.

With higher interest children, parents take their children happily slide up, slide down to the moment, the child cried tears himself dumbfounded. Possibly even a child's legs is blocked by the slide, leading to fractures. So those who take chances adults, please take good care of their children, the child's safety is the most important.

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Summer, hot, beat eggs on the ground, maybe can be steamed. Not to mention some parents regardless of whether the child will be placed on the hot endless outdoor stainless steel slide, this is simply the child alive into the fire pit, and may even burn the child's buttocks, so regardless of whether people feel angry parents, the children want to play You can not send their children safe exposure outside.

Like surprises happen every summer, children's delicate skin was too hot to red. I could not stop the tears very distressed, so small you bear such painIn this regard, small hope that the majority of parents, long snack, to protect their children, constant vigilance, nothing is more important than the safety of children.

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