Kindergarten common outdoor play equipment

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Kindergarten common outdoor play equipment

With the advancement of society, people's emphasis on children's pre-education education has become higher and higher, which has produced a large-scale kindergarten in the market. Among the many optional kindergartens, parents have a lot of factors, such as the environment. How to configure how the kindergarten outdoor play equipment, how is safety?

In order to attract more children to kindergarten, many kindergartens are vigorously upgraded to the hardware equipment that transform kindergarten, and outdoor play equipment is one of them. These outdoor children's play equipment can not only make children prefer, but also highlight the hardware power of kindergarten, so that parents are more willing to choose themselves. So what are the common outdoor children's play equipment in the market?

Kindergarten common outdoor entertainment equipment typically includes kindergarten slides, children's swings, children's turntables, wooden bridges, crawling, rocking horses. Generally divided into three from the big category

1, entertainment \"play equipment

2, sports play equipment

3, expansion amusement equipment

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First, entertainment amusement equipment

This type of slide is represented by slide, which is used as a core playing equipment, and is distributed in various swings, rocking horses, and small climbing walls. Children's slide kindergarten generally choose a castle slide, select non-calibration type slide according to your needs, generally used for a large space such as playground.

Second, sports play equipment

This type is generally based on large and medium-sized climbing nets or climbing networks, and the height of the rides or less, using a high degree of embassies and children to climb down under safety protection, you can exercise.

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Third, expansion amusement equipment

Kindergarten expansion amusement equipment is generally the main safety protection measures such as ground expansion, with air cushions, etc. to ensure the safety of children. This kind of amusement facilities are generally combined, including: drill tubes, wooden bridges, plum blossoms, swing bridges, climbing walls, hanging bridges, Z-letter bridges, etc. This is very beneficial to the child's physical exercise.

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