Kindergarten outdoor small doctoral combination slide accessories material introduction

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Kindergarten outdoor small doctoral combination slide accessories material introduction

Combination slides are common in kindergarten, juvenile pavilions, schools, communities and parks in the park, the integration of fitness, leisure, entertainment, due to the position of the topic nature, with the characteristics of the topic, are deeply affected by children Like. A combined slide is composed of different accessories, which is generally composed of a door, a bridge, a slider, a top, a climber, a handrail, a platen, a column, a slide, a climbing tube, a rope net, but you know this type of slide. What is the material used in each accessory? Today, Music Map Xiaobian brings you other manufacturers who don't dare to tell you a small knowledge!

First, platform material

The platform is part of the top of the slide and the top of the ladder. This part uses a special process of surface, which makes it possible to show the microproelectric punching anti-skateboard. When it is raining, it is possible to maximize the lotion. Survive safety and beauty is higher. The surface is passed through CO2 protective welding, spraying techniques, and polishing treated high-processes, so that the surface is highly temperature solidified, smooth, and ultraviolet, safe and reliable.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + angel blue cat series LT-HT015 (2)

Second, the column material

The column is a portion that supports the entire combination slide. The galvanized steel tube is used, and the overall structure is welded, allowing the center of the slide to undertake the four weeks of the column, so that the combined slide has a relatively good fixed effect. Like the platform welding, after high temperature protective welding, outdoor high temperature electromagnetic paint makes the column firm, long and durable, and externally sprayed a suitable painted beauty.

Third, plastic parts material

The material of the plastic member includes a slide, roof, a section, and other parts, an inlet high-end colored plastic, polyethylene to add an anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, and a large positive and reverse water wire material is disposable. Imported colored engineering plastics non-toxic and tasteless, there is no harm to the human body, safe and environmentally friendly, but also belongs to food grade plastic, and it is not easy to deform.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + angel blue cat series LT-HT014 (2)

Fourth, rope mesh material

Climbing combined slides or other types of slides will involve climbing, rolling, slipping different functional amusement forms, using rope network equipment used in the combination slide, a professional navigation special, with a diameter of 16mm, SMIN is a stainless steel jacket rope, safe and elegant, elastic, very good comfort.

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