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Kindergarten special table and chair moon table plastic table and chair set children dining table baby table children learning lifting table

Plastic lifting tables and chairs are best choosing to have multiple units of production experience, have many years of production experience to ensure quality, do not look only prices and pictures, the quality of the kindergarted tables and chairs is mainly determined by the material, do not choose the quality of the quality, try to Choose a good reputation, qualified unit purchase, purchase of kindergarted table and chair quality safety is the first, don't pay for safety, no matter whether it is.
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Product Description

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Kindergarten special lifting tableDesktop edge humanized design, easy to clean. The table foot can freely adjust the height according to the height of the child and the uneven ground. The table is with a rubber pad to prevent sliding and scratching. The childhood chair is required to use the stacking design without the use of space. Safe, light weight, easy to transport the installation and movement. Scope of application: kindergarten, nursery, juvenile palace and elementary schools.

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