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Kindergarten table and chair set plastic lifting square table multi-color optional baby learning table and chair plastic game table and chair

The high degree of sundial of the kindergarten table and chairs can be adjusted: adapt to a different age or different height students on the height of the back, so that the chair gives more support, so that the human body feels more comfortable. The waist has an appropriate support: actively cover the back of the back, convert the back pressure into upward trust, enhance the fitness and comfort, reducing the hunchback caused by the body, while
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LiftKindergarten table and chairTable high adjustable: The table is using the imported air pressure lifting rod, which can be raised freely, in line with the high requirements of different heights to the high requirements, avoiding the table too high to cause myopia, hump. The chair can be adjusted: Different height children are different from the high requirements of the chair, and the general calf and the thighs are basically vertical, such sitting positions can reduce the leg pressure and increase the blood circulation of the leg.

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