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Kindergarten table plastic rectangular children table can be raised and lowered table and chair set for preschool children home thickening

A learning table that can be upgraded and lifting. There are manual adjustment, hand adjustment, hydraulic control buttons, etc. The stool is also more steel wood structure, and the table bench also has a related firmware to regulate the height; there are also plastic lifting students.
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  • Nuutoo
  • LT.ZY.10.01

Product Description

Lifting the square table details _21Lifting the square table details _23

Children's lift table chairAs an important part of the growth of children, they must strictly require strict requirements, material, safety factor, etc. in the selection desk and chair. The first place in accordance with children's furniture national standard, the lines of the desk chairs should be smooth, circular or curved, with acute and surface hard, rough books and chairs are far from children.

Product specifications

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product material

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